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Turn to us for rental home staging services in Davenport, Kissimmee, and Haines City, FL and surrounding areas

In the extremely competitive short-term rental (STR) market in Davenport, Kissimmee, and Haines City, FL and surrounding areas, vacation homeowners should consider upgrades and changes every 2-3 years to the décor of their rentals to offer more than their competitors, or at least to stay relevant.

Upgrades and changes can be extensive, or minimal, yet modern and inviting, even unique – and you don’t need an expensive interior decorator. 

In fact, interior designers, while usually can create beautiful homes, are not thinking from practicality point of view, because they neither understand guests, nor the housekeeper’s work, the type of bedding, sheets, and towels to use to prevent constant replacements, finishes of furniture, and other decorations. Rather than helping turnovers, they often make housekeeping hard and time consuming, which usually results in higher service costs. 

Sometimes “less is more” – the notion can be so true. Just one simple suggestion: often, just by removing old bulky night lamps with smaller, modern, USB and power source supported ones makes a huge difference – in quite a few ways; guests will not unplug wires for TVs or move the nightstands and headboards to find power sources, which can cause damages, and prevents calls from next guests stating that they are not able to watch TVs.  We know this from experience, and many other similarly easy, and practical changes, and problem-solving upgrades.

Our many years of servicing vacation homes, our passion in decoration, an eye for the beautiful yet practical, exceptionally qualifies us to offer redesigning services. 

We not only offer suggestions; we also offer an on-site preview of your home, with pictures taken – for free.

Then, we will create redesigning packages room by room for the entire home, or only partially. In each package we will offer 3 different options from which you can select the one with your preferences. We can also combine certain items from the 3 options, because our aim is to make you happy and comfortable with what we are offering!  

From bedrooms, bathrooms, kitchen, to game rooms, even laundry rooms, we can redesign ANY rooms!

In addition, and often, we must suggest a deep cleaning while the redecoration is in progress, as the 2 goes hand in hand.

Once we have completed the upgrades and decorations, which work does include staging, we suggest having new photos taken to upgrade your listing on your booking sites. 

While it is not required for you to sign up for our cleaning and maintenance services, if we service your home after each guest, we will stage the home exactly as the first time. This means that the pictures of your home on your booking site, and what the guests will find upon arrival, will always be the same! 

Whether you are purchasing an existing vacation home, and/or planning on making upgrades before you are offering your home to renters, or you have difficulty landing bookings, or receiving negative feedbacks about your home – call us! We can help! 


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